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SEJ is one of the growing names in the textile industry of Pakistan. At SEJ, we design the best quality bed comforter sets and duvet covers for all types of weather. The good quality sateen bed comforters give comfort and luxury to each room of your home. We believe that nothing is better than lying down under a soft comforter set after a long hectic day. Our best comforters set with a pillowcase will give you a goodnight’s sleep that you deserve.
We know how difficult it can get when all the designs available in front of you are great and the quality is super. Here’s our Ultimate Buying guide of Bed Comforter set and Duvet Cover Set.

Don’t we all love wrapping ourselves in a large comforter? When it comes to selecting your comforter set, you need to choose what is the best choice for you. Do you prefer the ease of washing? These are all things to consider when deciding what your comforter will be.
A good thick, padded and feathery feel makes a good quality comforter. Because the purpose of comforters is to give you extra warmth and ease of sleep. Besides, the padding with synthetic fiber filling or stitched synthetic fiber padding should be well placed to ensure proper distribution.
Comforter sets are set on top of your bed sheets and those who want a layered look prefer this style. Bed comforter set comes in bedding sets as well that have matching dividers. While, caring for your comforter set is easy, as you can place it in the wash with your other bedding also.

At SEJ, you get plenty of varieties, colors, and styles in luxury queen comforter sets. Our main goal is to provide high-quality material because we value our customers. While choosing the best comforter set always check the right filling type etc. Check out the floral printed designs of the new comforter sets, you will never want to miss them out.

Duvets are large white bags that are filled with down or synthetic fibers. Duvet covers change the look and design of the bedroom. Our exclusive variety of duvet cover set will definitely give your room a classy look. With our stylish design of motif and floral art prints.
Furthermore, the fabric which we use is one of the highest qualities. Durable but soft as silk to the touch, which is important for us to provide you the indulgence you deserve.
Since with a duvet cover, the breathability of the fabric has a direct effect on how soothing your sleep will be. With the wide-range of our colorful signature designs, we make sure to use 100% excellent fabric for our beddings. Because SEJ never compromises on quality.

Our amazing go with everything designs of the duvet cover. The stitching details are finest. As Duvet covers are the most common bedding items, they come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes.
While, choosing the right duvet cover set for your bedding, always make sure to know the size. Our finest quality duvet set is for people who like to change their bedding style.
Our premium Cotton and silk covers are most liked material for duvet covers. As, they are easy-to-maintained, soft and comfortable fabric. You can have a look at our elegant collection of Comforter sets in the bed linen section. Happy Shopping!!!

As we mentioned above, a duvet cover is a protecting sheet that wraps your duvet and keeps it clean from dust and stains. Whereas, the bed comforter sets are thick, padded and feathery blankets, made to keep you warm. It is fill with a synthetic fiber stuffing i.e. polyester or organic cotton and then stitched to protect the padding.
Our duvet covers unlock a new dimension to your décor instantly. You need to swap out the cover and your duvet can have a whole new look. SEJ’s Duvet covers are design to provide you a sweet and warm room ambiance coupled with comfort and luxury.
Our beautiful duvet cover designs are all about high-quality fabric and layered with the finest threads. Our Signature Style bedding sets are capable to create an interesting and fresh look for any home.

A duvet vs comforter? What the difference between these two? As most people don’t know the difference. But, there’s a slight difference between these two bedding is that a comforter is suppose to be use as it is. SEJ’s comforter will keep you warmer, which is design to use without extra sheets or blankets.
Furthermore, our wide range of comforters is a bliss for sleepers who like a layered look on their bed. As comforters tend to be a little less fluffy and they look great over a top bed sheet and under an extra blanket as well. The good thing about the comforter set is they come with a matching bedding set known as bedding in a bag ensemble.
While, SEJ’s huge variety of duvet covers, are easy to handle. The best thing about them is that it’s super easy to switch up the style because the duvet cover is removable. You can use duvet cover according to the look and feel you want in your bedroom. All you have to do is get a new duvet cover and it changes the whole outlook of your room.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results